Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before I Begin

As I lay in bed the night before the Monday of finals week a brilliant idea popped into my head. How this could have happened with all the historical content that I've been studying I may never know. But there it was, Life's A Boot! It was the perfect title for my blog that I plan to fill with all my adventures in Italy.

Why am I going to Italy you might ask? Camp Adventure; creating magic moments that last a lifetime. Magic happens when reality exceeds expectations! Yes the absolute most cheesy 'vision' you've ever herd. But hey, if this little vision is going to take me to Italy, I'm all for it. Here at Camp Adventure we serve American military youth ages 0-16, living on military bases all over the world. I will be working on an American navel base in Naples, Italy with the Day Camp. Day Camp kids are anywhere from 6-12 years old. We spend our days singing songs, playing games, and HAVING FUN! Of course there are a bunch more details but you will find them out along the way.

I leave for Italy June 12th. In 40 short days I will be on a plane in my stylin' uniform and jet-setting (sort of, the plane ticket is free) my way to the Mediterranean. I hope that you enjoy a peak into my travels. This is my first real experience on my own and I would love to know that I have your support back at home.

Catch The Magic!
Counselor Hannah

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