Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sailing banner


My Dad recently built a sailboat. It took him almost 4 years, but it's finally done! He only sailed a couple times before deciding to build a sailboat so he is still learning. My cousin's husband, Nigel, is a rather experienced sailor.



While they were here my Dad and Nigel took the boat out to a local lake. Nigel showed my Dad a few tricks, and Petra even got to go out for a ride. 







Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Farm banner

As you probably know, my family is visiting from Los Angeles (and Seattle). It has been at least 5 years since I have seen them. As almost all of them are originally from Iowa, and in fact lived on a farm, we always make an effort to go out to "The Farm". This time was a slightly more significant as this is Petra's (my cousin's daughter) first trip to Iowa. The Farm was were my Dad and Aunt grew up, where my cousin spent a large amount of her childhood, and where my brother spent the first couple years of his life. 

Both of my parents have amazing siblings. When they are with them they always seem so much more relaxed. Of course I've heard many stories from my Dad about The Farm, but my Aunt Mary brings a whole new perspective, and lots of new stories.

Above is the row of trees where.. well a couple dogs are buried. As well as where the chicken coupe used to be. Below the, now fallen, mulberry tree. 

Sye, Petra, and I ventured out to where the house used to be. The grass was as tall, and some taller, than Petra. Although the house is no longer, it is now a wooden platform that covers the well. It's so strange to think that this space of land is the location of some of my favorite stories. I can only imagine what it would have been like to live out here.

I cannot remember a time when The Farm had buildings. It used to have a house, a large barn, a chicken coupe, and a couple other buildings. There isn't much left to it anymore, but visiting always brings up great stories and memories.

Thank you to Amy of A is for Ampersand for the banner. She posted 7 of them, and I plan on using them all to document this visit. On a totally unrelated note, has anyone noticed the change in photo color when you upload directly to blogger? I am really starting to consider just uploading to Flickr.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sidewalk Sales

Every summer most of the shops on Main Street have sidewalk sales. I didn't spend more than $15 on everything I bought I today! Not to mention I got to spend the afternoon with my favorite lady, my Mom.

Naturally, when I see a suitcase I almost immediately think it needs to come home with me. I have way too many suitcases, but I swear, they are all in use. So what to do with this little guy? Then, ah ha! A camera case. The one I have right now is just an ugly black one. It keeps my camera safe, but doesn't look cute on my shoulder. So after the family leaves next week I am going to stuff and fluff this suitcase into the safest, and cutest, camera bag.
I also bought a bunch of these beautiful fabric dyes and paints. Less than 75 cents a piece! I don't know exactly what I will use them on but I'm thinking giant flowers.

I also found this gorgeous Art Deco magazine holder. Perfect for all my Rachel Ray Magazines. Which, to this day, I have no idea who bought me a subscription to.

 And lastly, while taking pictures of my new finds, this little guy appeared! We are pretty sure he's on his way to be a Robin. He just sat there for at least 5 minutes letting me take his picture. I was less that 5 feet away. I even jokingly said to my Mom that he was being a great model, and he starts turning his head and posing. What an awesome birdie!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Ohh Avril..

Summer is officially in full swing. As the girlfriend of an avid skateboard I find myself sitting at the skatepark quite a bit. So what do you do while sitting at a skatepark? Well as there are rarely other girls there to talk to ( and who talks to guys? ;] ), I mostly read books, play Crafting Mama, and take LOTS of pictures. In the last week I have spent even more time at the skatepark taking pictures for the Cedar Falls Skatepark Clean-Up.  

We spent last weekend sanding, cleaning, and painting the park. It was a great time and the park looks really nice. I painted the Iowa ramp. It's not really what I had originally designed, except the outline of iowa and the corn, oh well.Yesterday I painted the sign dedicating the park to two skateboards that passed away last summer, Dino and Jade. Dino was very close with Matt, and I went to junior high and high school with Jade.  Losing friends is never easy, but dedicating the park to them both was truly heartwarming. Everyone was behind naming the park after them, and it really showed how strong the skating community is. Although I'm not skateboarder I spend a lot of them around them. I think they often get a bad rap but they are some of the nicest people I know.

A little less than a month ago Matt and his friend Shane opened a skateboard shop, Shifty's. So far it has been pretty successful. They share a space with a hair salon.. Yah, skaters and hair? Pretty great. Charity is the owner of the salon, Snipz. We went to high school together, and I've always thought she was awesome so I've really enjoyed getting to hangout around her again.

 Where I blog! Feels great to hangout in a space that is more my style. Getting a little tired of my powder puff blue room. But that will be all the more inspiration for when I can finally afford my own place.

So here are the pictures I took the night before last. After almost 2 year I am finally getting the hang of my camera. I used to just shoot on auto but lately I've been shooting only on manual. It's a lot more fun! As long as you are taking pictures of something you will be disappointed about if they don't turn out.

Where have you been spending your time this summer? It's been a bit chilly the last week so I haven't been able to go to the beach every day as I had hoped. Next week my family from California is coming. I haven't seen them in over 6 years! I've never even met my cousin's daughter, Petra. I am beyond excited. My bother is coming as well!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growin' Green - Part 2

LOOK! A Garden (and my garden guru) The only thing edible right now is the leafy veggies; arugula, spinach, buttercrunch. However, little flowers are blooming on the tomato plants, meaning the fruit can't be too far behind!

Brussels sprouts (ew) and broccoli!


Herbs! Basil, Italian Cilantro, and Parsley.. Potted herbs are a requirement in my life.

Thanks to my Dad and Mom for all the help they've done with the garden. When more of the plants start producing I will take some foodie photos, and maybe even post a couple recipes. I might actually get around to a good pickling post! Dill pickles are one of my favorite foods. Last year when we made some they didn't turn out as crunchy as I had hoped.. So we'll have to try again!