Saturday, January 29, 2011

Think Spring

I went a little picnik crazy.

clothes; thrifted. boots; the ever popular dolce vita for target

Well here it is, my new hair! My beautiful, wonderful, best friend Nic did it for me. The last photo is unedited and is pretty much exactly what it looks like. She's magic. I am even looking forward to it fading because I know it will keep looking great. 

I can't believe it's only January. Every day I wake up hoping that there is no snow, it's raining, and the grass is turning green. Look at that beautiful boat, it's just begging for a new motor and some time on a lake. 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sk8ing Baby

Well.. There it is. My very first plushie. I'm a nitpicker, but I'm ridiculously impatient, which is an awful combination. I can see every little thing wrong with it, but it just takes too long to make it all perfect. So, good enough! Oh, by the way, this little board is for a cutie in the making. I met Adam (Risse), and his girlfriend Kyra, through Matt.  There little boy is due in April, and her shower is in a couple of weeks but I figured I'd make her gift ASAP or I'd never do it. I also want to get her a little something, any suggestions? I figured something mommy related, but something that makes life a little easier for her.

I'd just like to add that Katie over at Skunkboy Creatures, makes plushies full time. I'm in awe of her.  I was struggling with one and she probably makes one a day! 


Bowling Day

A couple weeks ago my one of my best friends, Ivy, was in town from Los Angeles.  She's so much fun to be around, I must say I miss her a lot. Matt and I met her and her boyfriend, Andy, in Montezuma for some bowling and mexican food.

I am hoping that sometime in the future I will have saved enough money to go visit her and my family out in Cali.  I haven't taken an awesome roadtrip since I went to Bonnaroo in 2008.

It was a pretty crazy trip, but there were some fun times and I saw a million bands that I probably would have never seen had a I not gone. Look how skinny I was!

Anyway, I don't have to work until 4:45 tonight so I decided to have a very productive day. And I have! Shockking!

Up next, my first plushie!


Friday, January 21, 2011

The Boy

Today is the 'official' unofficial 365th with Matthew. We sort of just picked a random day, a great night we had together..

But let's be honest.. We knew when we eleventeen year olds that'd we'd end up together. Pretty cheesy, but I couldn't be more happy with how things have turned out.

2010 was wonderful, and I can't wait to share my future with Matt. He's basically the coolest person I know. 

Tonight we ate at Popeye's (should have done this in our Halloween Costumes as Chicken and Louisiana Hot Sauce; their specialty)... This basically proves why we are our favorite couple ever. We didn't want to wait in line at the Olive Garden. I also decided since I'm a professional blog slacker, I should probably have my camera along with me. So Monday night we are 'celebrating' by me wearing a fancier than normal dress, taking pictures, and eating at the Olive Garden. I also want to go bowling. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow I am crafting my very first plushie, a skateboard for my friend's soon-to-be baby boy! I also have a couple birthday cards to make. I will take some pictures to actually get another post up!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Empty Northern Hemisphere

I haven't done a music post in a quite a while, so while Music Wednesday isn't too catchy, I'll give it a shot.

This morning I spotted one of my friends had posted a song. We have very similar taste in music so I gave it a listen. I was blown away. If I hear a song and immediately think of myself listening to it while riding my bike, or relaxing in the sun, I know I will love the whole album.

Geregory Alan Isakov is wonderful. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do!

Today I take my final exam at Red Lobster. Then I am officially a Server, on my own! That means I finally get to keep my tips!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Sunshine _ Outfittt

This was the first time I used both my tripod and remote. What an exciting, and chilling, adventure. I just went right out the back door, but it was still fun!

Shirt; Italy.. Skirt; Thrifted, Belt; Clothes Swap, 
Tights; Kohls, Boots; Walmart, Necklace; fivemagicbeans, Flower Barrette; Forever 21

Next time I will try to move around more, and get a couple detail shots. It seems everywhere is getting ooldes of snow, and Iowa is too. Looks like I won't be taking many outfit pictures until that clears up, unless I find a space inside. Hopefully tomorrow I will be going to Grinnell with Matt to visit Ivy and Andy. I haven't seen her since August, and I am thrilled. I will certainly take lots of photos to share!


Coral Sweater _ ReStyle Project Number One

I'm fairly happy with how my first ReStyle turned out. The sweater had a little whole in the back, and the flower on the collar was really fuzzy and yucky looking. I found a scrap of the fabric that the curtains in my old room were made out of and then just cut out flowers from it. I didn't get a picture of how I wore it, but I promise, it's adorable.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Remember how I mentioned the biggest bestest surprise ever? Well after we opened all our gifts at Matthew's Christmas I got one more little envelope. This is what was inside..

Merry Christmas Hannah

A fan of Harry Potter, We're all very certain of that.. And since we've all been sorted.. Now it's your turn to put on the hat. Ravenclaw or Huffelpuff? This decision won't be so tough. Gryffindor or Slytherin? We know which house would win..

So, pack your bags now Wheel them to the porter.. And meet us at Platform Nine & Three Quarter!

We'd like you to join us As we head south where it's hotter and enter with us 
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Pretty much didn't read the last page as I was shaking, sweating, and almost crying. Matt's mom wrote the card, which I plan to keep for life. We leave March 2nd and I could't be more excited. I already asked for it off work! So thanks to my second family, I couldn't be more appreciative that you're letting me join you on your wonderful family vacation.

I will hope to be back very soon with an outfit post. Matt gave me a tripod for Christmas, and my parents gave me a remote, so now I can take own pictures! Finally!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Perfect Start

I started the New Year off with a killer headache, and major upset stomach. However, I received the best gift I could ever ask for (if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you already know) but I will blog about that tomorrow. 

Shark Week had a show that evening in Mason City. There were very few people there, but as always I had a great time with the guys. The bowling alley was a blast from the past, called The Rose Bowl. It has a really cool sign on the wall above the lanes with two roses in the middle. Unfortunately, they covered it up with an awful Monster sign. But the delicious onion rings made up for it!

Dress; Thrifted, Jacket; Target via Anna, Tights; Target, Necklace; fivemagicbeans via Matthew for Christmas!

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful beginning to my year. I hope this is how the rest of my year goes! I start my job at Red Lobster as a server tomorrow. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about not going to school, and working a full-time job. I just keep trying to remember in August I will have moved out of my parents house and have a much better view of the future.


Welcoming the New Year

New Years Eve was spent playing Dance Central on Kaitlin's Kinect, taking too many pictures, singing the Star Spangled Banner, and drinking too much. It was a wonderful evening, and I was glad to have spent it with my friends. 

After spending 2010 together I am so excited to enjoy 2011!

For Christmas Nic gave me a Best Friend necklace. It's a little carton of milk, and she has cookie! 

Dress: Thrifted, Tights: Kohls, Heels: Target(?)

Last pictures in front of  this Christmas tree. My parents bought a new one, and next year I will be (fingers crossed) standing in front of a full sized white (or silver) vintage tree.