Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I woke up and went down to West Des Moines to have Sam do my hair. She was just supposed to cut it but the color was driving her nuts.. I hadn't touched it since June and spending 10 weeks in the pool and sun takes quite a toll on fake red. So she did that as well :] And it cost me whopping $10! Score.

I came home to my wonderful mother painting my room. I ate some lunch and we chatted a little about the issues in my last blog post. Haven't really made any progress on that one.

When I got to work I met a little boy named Tim. He is very special, and has a great heart. I really hope that I get to know him better.

My mom was here until after 11:00.. Wow. But I am SO thankful to have my room finished. It's the most beautiful room I've ever had (I think I say that every time). I will be giving a room tour as soon as I get some curtains up and find a bed skirt! [ Mom; THANK YOU! I have another little something for you on Friday:) I LOVE YOU! ]

Okay, I just didn't want to forget what a great day I had. AND mention that my boyfriend is really sweet. I realized I have about a million things that Gracie has given me, most of which are now hanging somewhere in my room. And I know what I'm wearing tomorrow. Also.. I love you Anna, next week will work for us!

I'm so thankful, and happy!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Option .. What are we on now?

Art School < Iowa State
DMACC > Iowa State
-Associates in Arts
-Sign Language Interpreter Training

Nope. None of that worked. Alright so maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but here's where I am at right now. As I was about to register for classes tonight I realized that, oh, the program I wanted to start only begins in the fall. This means that I am unable to start school until little over a year from now. I am swamped with emotions right now. What am I supposed to do? I am just going to try and break this down with a few of the things I'm feelings and see how it goes. Maybe getting this all out will help make a decision. And I'm welcoming any advice you've got!

Living in Ankeny and not going to school seems, frivolous. I have a job that given me about 6 hours a week, at only $8.00 an hour. I have amazingly wonderful giving parents, but it still costs me money to live here. But I just moved; JUST. My mom is coming tomorrow to paint my room. I haven't even lived here a month. According to these pictures;

It's no walk in the park to move me. I don't just want to make my parents come down here again (and in the winter) to move all my things. Of course Mallory would also have to find another roommate. So it's also frivolously to move. But if I went home I wouldn't have to drive nearly as far to anything; Matt, parents, friends, a job. I could get a job, live at home, learn to appreciate living away from my family (because we all know they are going to drive me nuts.. it's just a fact, but it's okay), and save up the money I spent I this summer, and over the last 2 years. 

I could go to Africa, or India, or anywhere. I'd really like to spend more time helping people, as well as seeing the world. 

But, oh hey, remember up there where I mentioned that whole money thing? I'm not sure if you know this but leaving .. the house .. cost money. So really I could just toss that idea completely out the window. Do they build Habitat For Humanity houses during the winter? No? Calling all elderly; I will shovel in exchange for your life stories.

This could be the perfect opportunity to finally start a crafting business, try out baking cupcakes, learn the collectors trade of antiques. My mom is retired now and having her advice, and hands, could really help me do this. I have a million ideas, and without the worry of school, and with the motivation of my loved ones, I might really be able to do it.

My biggest fear is spending the rest of my life feeling unfulfilled. Lots of people have told me that I am going to be let down because I expect life to be too perfect. I am scared I will move home, or not, and end up sitting on the couch, gaining weight, and not getting anywhere with my life. That seems farthest from perfect.. I don't think at least not wanting that is too much to ask of myself. I want to be as successful as my parents. No one is perfect, I know. But I hold myself to high expectations but often my high stress levels get in the way of that. Instead of my stress making me get stuff done, it makes me sit on the couch. And maybe if I took this 9 months off I could learn to better manage that stress. Or the opposite could happen and I could go back to school and be more stressed that I have ever been.

I need to end this post on a positive note. This is a learning experience. I am not even of legal drinking age, I can't rent a car, I'm not pregnant, I've got the best parents, an amazingly supportive boyfriend, sweet friends.. worrying about my future is allowable, but shouldn't be consuming; for all of those reasons.

photos 1&2 via Matt's phone, photos 3&4&5 via Honor.

If you've got any suggestions, please leave em. Also if you need anything, let me know, email, whateva.



An update.

I've been hanging out with Matt, entering giveaways, taking trips to far away lands (Fort Dogdge), enjoying fall weather, and planning halloween costumes.

Do yourself a favor and enter this giveaway.

Tomorrow I've got a haircut, my mom is coming to paint my room (bright blue and grey), and I have to work. I've been rounding up things to make Matt and I's halloween costumes. For now we are keeping it a secret. I might spill to the blogosphere before Saturday. Matt's band is planning a show with some other really good bands, I'm really excited.

So when it gets later in the week I'll update with pictures, and other fun things.
Thanks for being patient.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My mom is awesome and investigated further into those chickens I posted about on Saturday. Here is what my cousin said about them at his wedding.

"This pair of “gallinitas” was designed by Rosa Britez, a renowned Paraguayan artisan, that also handmade each pair especially for our friends to take home a little good luck charm. In Paraguayan tradition the black chicken brings good fortune and prosperity while the white chicken brings love and fruitfulness. The white lace beneath is called Ă‘anduti, (pronounced nyan-doo-TI) in the GuaranĂ­ language. This intricate needle-woven lace imitates the appearance of a spider web. May your lives be filled with Love and Prosperity!"

And here is the link to the artists' website. She's so cute!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bittersweet Sunday

I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday. When they don't end in Matthew and I leaving each other, I love them. When they do end that way, I hate them, passionately. So the beginning of my Sunday was lovely, but when 5 o'clock rolled around, not so much.

Matt and I checked out a restaurant called Yanni's, which serves Italian food. On Sundays they offer a buffet, little did we know it was a Greek buffet. It was less than marginal, so I skipped on picture taking there.

After lunch we went to Wal-Mart to buy pumpkins. I had planned to recreate this beauty, so I needed to find myself the proper tools. I thought good ole' Menards would have them, NOPE. We spent at least an hour searching for the tool I needed. I ended up making a simpler version of the pumpkin because I couldn't create the smaller details. 

Matt had never carved a pumpkin before! I couldn't believe it. He was so grossed out (and angered) by what was inside of the pumpkin, it was hilarious. I suggested something simple and he said "It's going to look like a piece of shit".. And so he made.. A pile of shit.

I loved my pumpkin.  

[dress] Thrifted [boots] WalMart (( Do I wear these enough? )) [belt] Thrifted

 I just thought this looked spooky.

I am ending my weekend watching The Crazies. I just added a bunch of horror films to our Netflix Instant Queue which I am looking forward to watching this weekend. I only have two days of school this week, and four days of work. Then I'm heading back to Cedar Falls to get my car fixed, spend time with my family and friends, and make our Halloween costumes. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and has a wonderful week. I'll be back tomorrow.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why Do I Think It's Sunday?

I, for some odd reason, can not get it out of my head that it is Sunday. Matt and I woke up late, and headed out for some lunch. We went to the BEST Chinese place ever; Lucky Bamboo. For some reason my stomach has been acting really weird lately. I was starving when we woke up, but by the time we got there I hardly ate a fourth of my meal. It's rather annoying, as this was the best food ever. I just wanted to  eat eat eat eat eat. For the remainder of the afternoon I cleaned while Matt played video games. Then we watched the Iowa game. I think tonight we are going to carve pumpkins!

[Sweater] thrifted [Leggings] Target [boots] Walmart


Thrifted Thursday - Saturday Edition

Better late than never, right? I go to the thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) about twice a week. Here are my favorites from the last couple weeks.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my parents spent last Sunday at my cousin's wedding.  The woman that he married is from Paraguay, and so are these little chickens (although not thrifted I thought they should be included in this post). My mom tells me that they represent something (she thought luck and fortune) but told me to look it up on the internet.. Well I couldn't find anything on the story, oh well.  The chickens were given to everyone at the rehearsal dinner.  The colorful doily under the chickens were used as center pieces for the tables at the reception. They are handmade, and also from Paraguay. 

Pretty pillow case, and sheet! I am trying to find a bunch more of these to have a full set,  or two,  or three.

At the party I had last weekend my wonderful friend Gracie gave me a suitcase! I was so excited because it's a little larger version of one I already had (the blue one pictured above).

Inside the green suitcase that Gracie gave me was all of these records! Oh my goodness. Although I don't listen to records often I LOVE the covers. The three on the left are my favorite. I can't wait to paint my room this week so I can hang these on my wall.

A little tile that Matt found for me.

What a steal, only $3.00 for a (almost) full set of Remington rollers. Although I haven't used them in hair yet I have plugged them in and they seem to heat up fine. I am hoping these will give a big softer wave than the foam rollers do.

And lastly, glasses. I'm sure my unnecessary amount of mismatched glasses drives my roommate nuts. I have 3 of the POM glasses (which are my favorite)!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Thrited Thursday - The Saturday Edition. I will try and be more timely this coming week.. But I have a JOB now! That's right a JOB! FINALLY! So I apologize if I continue to lack a little in my posts.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Iowa Wedding

Ohhhhh I just love weddings! I StumbledUpon this little wedding and about died when I realized that Annie and Jared got married in the Octagonal Barn! I attended a Port O'Brien show there last year and it's such a magical place. I hope you enjoy this wedding post as much as I did. All these photos are from Green Wedding Shoes, and you can find an interview with Annie there as well.

Weddings are so inspiring. I can't wait for Nic to get married! Matt's cousin is also getting married and hopefully I can help her out too. DIY is so much fun especially for such special events!


The 2nd Weekend in October

Here is a bit of my weekend in photos. Matt's band, Shark Week, practices out on a tree farm in the country so I went and took a few fall photos. I even got to eat an apple right off the tree! That night we went to a bonfire at our friends house. Saturday I did lots of laundry (( no pictures of that, bummer! )). I took lots of pictures of Matt skating, we went thrifiting (( Thursday! )), and then I had a little party at my house.

I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did. I wish I had taken more pictures at the party, lots of my friends showed up, including Nic and Gracie, both of whom I didn't get a pictures of. However Gracie gave me a wonderful present that I will post on Thrifted Thursday!


Little Red Barn

[dress] thrifted [boots] Walmart [socks] Stole from my Dad (( haha! ))

This would be my lovely boyfriend, making fun of me, of course.