Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I woke up and went down to West Des Moines to have Sam do my hair. She was just supposed to cut it but the color was driving her nuts.. I hadn't touched it since June and spending 10 weeks in the pool and sun takes quite a toll on fake red. So she did that as well :] And it cost me whopping $10! Score.

I came home to my wonderful mother painting my room. I ate some lunch and we chatted a little about the issues in my last blog post. Haven't really made any progress on that one.

When I got to work I met a little boy named Tim. He is very special, and has a great heart. I really hope that I get to know him better.

My mom was here until after 11:00.. Wow. But I am SO thankful to have my room finished. It's the most beautiful room I've ever had (I think I say that every time). I will be giving a room tour as soon as I get some curtains up and find a bed skirt! [ Mom; THANK YOU! I have another little something for you on Friday:) I LOVE YOU! ]

Okay, I just didn't want to forget what a great day I had. AND mention that my boyfriend is really sweet. I realized I have about a million things that Gracie has given me, most of which are now hanging somewhere in my room. And I know what I'm wearing tomorrow. Also.. I love you Anna, next week will work for us!

I'm so thankful, and happy!


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