Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thrifted Thursday - Saturday Edition

Better late than never, right? I go to the thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) about twice a week. Here are my favorites from the last couple weeks.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my parents spent last Sunday at my cousin's wedding.  The woman that he married is from Paraguay, and so are these little chickens (although not thrifted I thought they should be included in this post). My mom tells me that they represent something (she thought luck and fortune) but told me to look it up on the internet.. Well I couldn't find anything on the story, oh well.  The chickens were given to everyone at the rehearsal dinner.  The colorful doily under the chickens were used as center pieces for the tables at the reception. They are handmade, and also from Paraguay. 

Pretty pillow case, and sheet! I am trying to find a bunch more of these to have a full set,  or two,  or three.

At the party I had last weekend my wonderful friend Gracie gave me a suitcase! I was so excited because it's a little larger version of one I already had (the blue one pictured above).

Inside the green suitcase that Gracie gave me was all of these records! Oh my goodness. Although I don't listen to records often I LOVE the covers. The three on the left are my favorite. I can't wait to paint my room this week so I can hang these on my wall.

A little tile that Matt found for me.

What a steal, only $3.00 for a (almost) full set of Remington rollers. Although I haven't used them in hair yet I have plugged them in and they seem to heat up fine. I am hoping these will give a big softer wave than the foam rollers do.

And lastly, glasses. I'm sure my unnecessary amount of mismatched glasses drives my roommate nuts. I have 3 of the POM glasses (which are my favorite)!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Thrited Thursday - The Saturday Edition. I will try and be more timely this coming week.. But I have a JOB now! That's right a JOB! FINALLY! So I apologize if I continue to lack a little in my posts.


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  1. Oh my freaking God! This has to be my favorite post so far! I am loving the pillow case, sheets and suitcases. They remind me of the ones I had when I was younger. My sister and I used to take the suitcases with us EVERY time we went to our grandparent's house. I wish I still had mine. Dammit.

    P.S. Here's my new blog link: