Monday, October 11, 2010

The 2nd Weekend in October

Here is a bit of my weekend in photos. Matt's band, Shark Week, practices out on a tree farm in the country so I went and took a few fall photos. I even got to eat an apple right off the tree! That night we went to a bonfire at our friends house. Saturday I did lots of laundry (( no pictures of that, bummer! )). I took lots of pictures of Matt skating, we went thrifiting (( Thursday! )), and then I had a little party at my house.

I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did. I wish I had taken more pictures at the party, lots of my friends showed up, including Nic and Gracie, both of whom I didn't get a pictures of. However Gracie gave me a wonderful present that I will post on Thrifted Thursday!


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