Monday, October 11, 2010

Iowa Wedding

Ohhhhh I just love weddings! I StumbledUpon this little wedding and about died when I realized that Annie and Jared got married in the Octagonal Barn! I attended a Port O'Brien show there last year and it's such a magical place. I hope you enjoy this wedding post as much as I did. All these photos are from Green Wedding Shoes, and you can find an interview with Annie there as well.

Weddings are so inspiring. I can't wait for Nic to get married! Matt's cousin is also getting married and hopefully I can help her out too. DIY is so much fun especially for such special events!



  1. Lovely lovely wedding. Makes me want to get married now. :)

    Sorry it took me ages to reply to your comment! Little Bee is fantastic so far, if only I had more time to read it!

    Are you an Iowa Stater too? :D