Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Like it!

Alright, this isn't the post I ought to post.. you know.. a life update of sorts. I have a cold and for some reason I can't kick the 'stress sickies' either.  So instead I will leave you with some things are making life right now just a bit easier.

This is Twinkie Chan! She's just about the cutest thing ever. I am currently making her Mummy Gloves that she DIYed for Elsie's blog! 

My Mama! Here she is giving me a speech about not breaking my brand new camera. The next picture is better but I'm saving that for 1 year with no scratches (even after a trip across the world)! KNOCK ON WOOD

And still reminiscing about our amazing costumes. I made them totally by hand (go me for not destroying the sewing machine in frustration). Chicken & Hot Sauce.


  1. Those gloves are CUTE! I would love them even more in black and white. :)