Tuesday, November 9, 2010

20 and a half!

Well it seems that I've only got a short 6 months left until I spend every night of the rest of my life in a rundown, smoke filled bar. Shootin' the shit with truckers and the unemployed, drinking whiskey on the rocks, and wishing I made something of myself.

Just kidding! But what if? I think I really need to at least spend one night in a dive bar where everyone is a regular. Maybe someone can teach me to play pool, or darts.. or spit!

But until that glorious day comes I am going to spend the next 6 months trying to complete a couple of goals. Nothing too serious, just some fun goals to improve my life.

1. Take a picture every day

2. Cook 2 (healthy) Recipes a week

3. Exercise.. I hate that word.. Pretend to be Jane Fonda

4. Give back! Or at least trade.. I need more closet space, and my clothes need a good home.

5. Spend some time with some people who have been around the block. (( I wish it could be the real golden girls! ))

6. Go to THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! (( probably going to have a heart attack of joy ))

7. Read all the books on my book self!

8. Color my hair Pink!! (( even if it's just for a week, or 2 ))

9. Sew more! ..that pretty nondescript but sewing at all is an improvement! (( if only i had this machine! ))

10. Get tattooed again! (( this isn't mine, but it sure is cute. source unknown ))

I am really going to stay dedicated to these goals. Have you ever had birthday, or half-birthday goals? I know most people do New Years goals, but those have honestly never worked out for me. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm so very excited for it.



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  2. So glad to see you have some goals, and good ones at that! As your mom I'm not sure about ALL of them, but some should be a lot of fun! Happy Half Birthday!!

  3. These are great goals & you can do all of them :-)

  4. LOVE LOVE that bird tattoo! oh so cute! i have the tattoo itch! i am dying to get another one but i have soo many ideas!