Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keepin' Things Simple

Ooopps! It's been a while. But I have lots to tell you now so if your procrastinating something right now you're in luck. 

This is what I am wearing.. Right now! I haven't taken outfit pictures in a long long time. As you saw in my last post I'm asking for a tripod and remote for Christmas, which will, I'm sure, lead to more of those. You can see my pretty new room in the background. Unfortunately I have to leave it, but they just keep getting better, so the future is bright!

[shirt] an Italian brand that I can't read while it's on my body.. [skirt] goodwill; hemmed [belt] goodwill [tights] Wal-Mart [boots] Wal-Mart (( the ones I wear all the time ))

I have been curling my hair a lot recently. The kind of curls where you just wrap your hair around the barrel of the curling iron.. Does that actually have a name? Either way I love how my hair turns out when I do this. The 2nd day after you wash your hair is always such a great hair day. For those of you who just said "Ew, no. My hair is so greasy!" There is hope! If you want to wash your hair less it's a marginally annoying process, but so worth not having to wash everyday. It's even healthier for your hair! 1st you must suffer through a couple days of greasy hair. Just do it over the weekend, and dig our all your cute hats. I can go 3 days without washing my hair.. my sceret.. it's actually not a secret.. Which is the 2nd step, dry shampoo! I am an old school girl so I use Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo. I can only find it at Walgreens, and it's about $5 for a bottle.

My Mom can remember this being around when she was a kid. Matt's Grandma told me she used to use it when she was still finger waving her hair (( Ah! I LOVE HER! )). It works, trust me. However I do caution you that sometimes you get a rogue bottle that seems to just randomly spray in crazy directions and ends  up all over your mirror. I have also tried the TRESemme Dry Shampoo.

I did not like it. For those of you who have not used a dry shampoo, you can either get them in the color of your hair, or, like both Psssssst and TRESemme, white. They come out in a sort of powder that you let sit on your hair for a couple minutes (( to absorb the oil )) and then you just sort of toss your hair about, or use a brush (( I'd recommend a bore-bristle bush .. I use a fake one, works fine. Don't spend $100+ on a hairbrush or you need to stop reading my blog cause you're dumbbb )) The thing I didn't like about the TRESemme brand was that it left my hair feeling really dry and dull in color. Yuck. 

There's my little review on Dry Shampoo. When I get a real job and have cash to splurge on something I am trying the Bumble & Bumble brand. It's $35 for a 4.4oz.. Yikes. But it is a colored powder and I am so curious as to how a professional dry shampoo works in comparison. If you already use dry shampoo, what brand do you use? Why do you like it?

Alright I'll be back with another post shortly!


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  1. Your look amazing! Your room looks adorable too! I hope I get to see it in person before you move.

    I bought that TRESemme dry shampoo about a month ago. I HATE IT! It made my hair look and feel dirtier than it really was. I'm going to have to try the Psssst because I would really love to not have to wash my hair everyday.

    P.S. Thanks for allowing to procrastinate just a little longer.