Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Finally, a Sunday I can enjoy! Matt came to my house this weekend, and he's staying until tomorrow. I couldn't be more excited. I love that I can sit around all day and know that at the end of the day I don't have to say goodbye for another week.

A little, BIG, something happened last weekend, and I'm sorry I've been holding out. The semester is coming to an end which means it is time to register for classes. I was still hoping maybe I'd be able to get into the ASL classes, or something, for my major. So I sent an email to the advisor explaining my situation. To my surprise I received an email back informing me that the program would no longer be offered! Oh my! So I would have had to worry about all that junk anyway because they weren't even offering the program.

My awesome Mom mentioned that I should look into being a dental technician. So I did. Not only does it sound like a really interesting job ( you make venires, caps, crowns, grillz;] etc. ), it pays well, and I might be able to get an internship/apprenticeship back at home. There are only 20 schools in the U.S., and only 1 in Iowa; a profession that is in high demand. The program does not start until fall, like the ASL program, but I could do my internship deal when I come home in December. That's right, I'm moving back home. [[ I will not get comfortable with this idea, it is not permanent, I will be going back to school in the fall and NOT living at home.. with that said ]] I'M SO EXCITED! That way I could see if it is something that I am interested in doing. If not I will find something else. When I get home I am going to try and just get into a bunch of different professions to see what they do. I want to try and work at a bakery, and at an antique store. I don't expect to be paid doing any of these things, but if I did, how awesome would that be!?

So anyway. Here are a few photos from my wonderful relaxing weekend.

(( 1. Cute little boys at the skatepark on Friday night 2-6. Matthew, Georgie, and Tony at the skatepark on Saturday 7. My vintage Peabody Articulation Cards in my pretty room 8. My happy face on Sweet Sunday. 9. Grandma's carmel corn in my vintage inspired red mixing bowl (I forgot the baking soda, but it still tastes delicious). 10-12. A frame I painted to match my room, it was gold. ))

Now I'm off to make my Grandma's baked chicken and homemade potato chips! My grandma is wonderful, and since she can't really cook much anymore I have taken to learning her recipes. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday as much as I am!


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