Friday, November 12, 2010

All I Want for Christmas..

is just a few things.. Actually this is just a few of the things..

Katie's insanely awesome plush taxidermy fawn. Fingers crossed she has them in her shop by Christmas.

Eye shadow pallet, and brush set from E.L.F.

Tripod and remote for my camera

A memory chip for my BlackBerry

Regina Spektor's Live in London DVD

My sewing machine fixed.. My Mom wants to start quilting so she needs her's back!

I LOVE Christmas. I love giving, and receiving, and wrapping, and tag writing, and all of it! I'm sure I will post a couple Christmas lists. Hehe.

It's Friday and I am off to work. I am going to have all my favorite little girls color pictures for the Red Velvet shop!  I'm spending another weekend at home. It's much better than being at the condo alone, even if it is a bit costly and putting tons of miles on my riiide. Saturday Matt's band is playing a house party, so that makes it double worth it! I can't wait to cuddle Nic by the fire.. But can we just skip the fire all together?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm mostly excited for tomorrow because I get to see youuuuu!

  2. that deer is so super cute! i saw an owl one like that and i am determined to have it and put it in my "owl room" oh i hope you get it!!


  3. ohh I love Regina! Doesn't she have the prettiest voice? This dvd would be awesome!