Thursday, November 18, 2010

When Life Gives You.. Poop.

Life didn't really give me poop. But it still seems as though life just won't stop giving me these little reminders that "Hey, NOTHING is perfect." I suppose it good to keep in check but there are some things that I'd just rather not get.. shitty.

Last year in August was my first time living in a real place (( Not a dorm )) away from my parents. My Dad gave me a wooden spoon, offering me the piece of advice that not only could this spoon aid in my cooking, if someone tried to get fresh in the kitchen I could hit them with it. This was hilarious to me and I shared the story with all who saw me and my spoon cooking together.

Somehow.. I have turned into an avid wooden spoon fan. It is as if this spoon is the perfect utensil and my Dad has taught me exactly how to care for it. The Number One Most Important Rule If You Break This Rule You Are Dumb And You Are Screwing Up The Magical Wooden Spoon is DO NOT LEAVE THE SPOON WITH FOOD ON IT WHILE NOT COOKING. Such as; in a pan filled with water and taco juice. THIS WILL CONTAMINATE YOUR SPOON! It WILL absorb the flavor of what it is left in and you WILL BE PISSED YOU LEFT IT THERE!  Well.. I understand that not everyone knows Rule Number One. So when I found my precious left in a pan filled with the above contents the day after such tacos had been cooked I politely explained Rule Number One to my roommate. Hmph. Clearly she didn't hear me.. Or see my PASSION. I found my spoon again sitting in.. ugh... Hamburger Helper. Needless to say I dealt with that situation a little differently. 

This story is getting lengthy.. LONG STORY SHORT.. HER DOG ATE MY EFFING SPOON! I cried.. I weeped.. I called Mommy at 11:00 at night to express my sorrow. So, the next day I decided there must be a way to keep my spoon around.. And that is how I created this DIY. Now I realize you probably don't all have chewed up wooden spoons lying around.. But the flower might be fun to make by it self to attach to something. Or maybe you want to go buy a wooden spoon at Goodwill (( I bet it smells.. yuck )) and fashion your own Wounded Spoon Flower.

[1] Chose a wire that is pliable but holds it shape
[2]Cut several lengths of wire between 4 and 9 inches (( I made about 20 ))
[3] Make a loop with each piece and twist the ends together

[4] Begin attaching loops in any order you'd like to each other using long pieces of wire
(( This is sort of a hard step, but once you get a couple together you will get the hang of it ))
[5] Eventually this will create a large ball of wire in the middle

[6] Wrap your spoon (( or whatever )) with green florist wire.
[7] Additionally I wrapped hemp string around the handle of the spoon.

[8] Attach the flower to the spoon using either wire.

As you can see I also weaved some ribbon through the petals.

Tada! I hope someone makes my wire flower! If you do, take a picture!



  1. WOW! What a great idea!

    I can't believe how destroyed your wooden spoon is! No wonder your moving. ;) Who doesn't know how to take care of a wooden spoons???

  2. i love the flower design. so great! and HO! i am an avid wooden spoon fan too. i just can't get enough. i think i feel more organic and natural when i use them.

  3. Great solution to a tragic spoon end! That's my girl!!

  4. i love that you did this! hahah.
    you're so cute and funny!