Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Sunshine _ Outfittt

This was the first time I used both my tripod and remote. What an exciting, and chilling, adventure. I just went right out the back door, but it was still fun!

Shirt; Italy.. Skirt; Thrifted, Belt; Clothes Swap, 
Tights; Kohls, Boots; Walmart, Necklace; fivemagicbeans, Flower Barrette; Forever 21

Next time I will try to move around more, and get a couple detail shots. It seems everywhere is getting ooldes of snow, and Iowa is too. Looks like I won't be taking many outfit pictures until that clears up, unless I find a space inside. Hopefully tomorrow I will be going to Grinnell with Matt to visit Ivy and Andy. I haven't seen her since August, and I am thrilled. I will certainly take lots of photos to share!