Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bowling Day

A couple weeks ago my one of my best friends, Ivy, was in town from Los Angeles.  She's so much fun to be around, I must say I miss her a lot. Matt and I met her and her boyfriend, Andy, in Montezuma for some bowling and mexican food.

I am hoping that sometime in the future I will have saved enough money to go visit her and my family out in Cali.  I haven't taken an awesome roadtrip since I went to Bonnaroo in 2008.

It was a pretty crazy trip, but there were some fun times and I saw a million bands that I probably would have never seen had a I not gone. Look how skinny I was!

Anyway, I don't have to work until 4:45 tonight so I decided to have a very productive day. And I have! Shockking!

Up next, my first plushie!


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