Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sidewalk Sales

Every summer most of the shops on Main Street have sidewalk sales. I didn't spend more than $15 on everything I bought I today! Not to mention I got to spend the afternoon with my favorite lady, my Mom.

Naturally, when I see a suitcase I almost immediately think it needs to come home with me. I have way too many suitcases, but I swear, they are all in use. So what to do with this little guy? Then, ah ha! A camera case. The one I have right now is just an ugly black one. It keeps my camera safe, but doesn't look cute on my shoulder. So after the family leaves next week I am going to stuff and fluff this suitcase into the safest, and cutest, camera bag.
I also bought a bunch of these beautiful fabric dyes and paints. Less than 75 cents a piece! I don't know exactly what I will use them on but I'm thinking giant flowers.

I also found this gorgeous Art Deco magazine holder. Perfect for all my Rachel Ray Magazines. Which, to this day, I have no idea who bought me a subscription to.

 And lastly, while taking pictures of my new finds, this little guy appeared! We are pretty sure he's on his way to be a Robin. He just sat there for at least 5 minutes letting me take his picture. I was less that 5 feet away. I even jokingly said to my Mom that he was being a great model, and he starts turning his head and posing. What an awesome birdie!


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  1. Oh, how I love that first necklace! You sure found some beautiful goodies! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!