Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Growing Green

My Dad and I are planting, or have planted, a garden! We've got all the classic veggies, as well a couple interesting (nasty) things. We also have pots with herbs in them, which besides tomatoes is what I'm looking forward too the most. This garden is supposed to be my learning experience so that next year I can hopefully plant my own.  Here are a couple pictures from the very first steps. When the veggies sprout up a little higher I will take pictures of them. Right now they just look like little weeds all in a row.

Just a thought, but aren't bugs supposed to be outside. Seriously, get me out of this basement. I guess I can no longer have food, or drinks, down here. I almost had a heartattack when I saw this thing.. I have creepy crawly feelings all over right now just typing this. Ew.eeweweweweweewew.

I apologize if you're feeling creepy crawly now too.


1 comment:

  1. Yes, I am creeped out! You're right, keep those sweets unavailable to the critters.