Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Birthday

This past Wednesday was Matt's birthday.  Celebrations are always a bit stressful on me, I'm sort of a planning control freak. But something monumental happened on Tuesday (which will be in my next post), so I decided to just let it ride, and I'm so glad I did! We had a blast, and most importantly Matt had a great time.

"Where's our food?!"

"There it is!"


Love those last 3 pictures. See all that food! It's called a Garbage Can Lid, from Famous Daves. It feeds 4-6 people, and it's delicious! 

For Matt's birthday I gave him a bicycle. It's a 1970 Schwinn Collegiate; 3 speed, 1 hand brake, and coaster brakes. I need to take a picture of it, but we haven't gotten a chance to go for a ride since his birthday.

It looks JUST like this. It's so beautiful, and the same color as his car.

Matt's birthday consisted of hanging out at the shop (just realized I haven't done a post on that either!) and playing Zelda. Dinner with the Monday night group. Visiting his family, and watching the end of True Grit. Going for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. Hanging out on Main, and then heading to our favorite bar, Hoochies. I chose not to take my camera to the bars, just like on my birthday, because you just never knew what might happen to it. But I just got a little Polaroid point and shoot! All I need is new batteries, and a cord for the computer. Once I get that up and running I will be taking that out at night.

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy! You are wonderful! I love you with all my heart, Matthew!


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