Sunday, August 7, 2011

*boop* Where you at?

I have 4 folders of pictures that I need to make blog posts for.. but I'm busy. Doing what you ask? Well I unexpectedly received a call last Thursday to go back to work. One of my favorite coworkers found a better job, so they needed me to come fill his spot. Friday I started my (fingers extremely tightly crossed) new job. I was the attendance secretary, but I will hopefully now be one of the main office secretaries. Better pay, less angry parents. Unfortunately they can't just give me the job, I have to 'apply'.

Summer is now officially over, which means Sunday is Sunday again.. And not Friday night round 2. So tonight Matt is over here, playing video games. I am painting flowers on my toes to match my fingers nails.

So if I find myself some time this week I will be back with our adventures in Des Moines a couple weeks ago. As well as some long lost photos from June.

Have a great week!

P.S. Goal before January, join the rollerderby team.


  1. I thought you hated that team? Coz they sucked so bad? Sam's friend Emily is on that team...