Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Somewhat True Tale of How Busy I Am

It seems I have managed to work myself into being the most busiest I have ever been in my whole life. I mean, of course, I've had busy weeks.. But this is busy life.. Like I might as well start driving a van, or drink coffee on a daily basis, or get a pixie cut, busy.

I am working 2 different secretary jobs at work, babysitting, taking 3 classes, and now.. Helping with the fall play at the high school I work at. And by helping I mean designing all the costumes, hair, and make-up, as well the usual assistant director stuff.

We will be putting on "The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood" as well as another undecided One Act. Did I mention practice starts on Tuesday? The play is right before Thanksgiving so we have a lot of work to do.

I have to admit I am really excited about this new obligation, but also slightly intimidated. I have never been "in-charge" of something like this. Yes, it all has to be approved by the director, but ultimately the things I've been put in charge of will be my ideas. And the guys I'm working with actually RESPECT them! It's so amazingly gratifying to suggest an idea to people who know way more than you do about theater, and have them LOVE it.

So here is some of my inspiration pictures for the costumes. I will hopefully keep up with the blog a little better now that I've got something I find exciting to talk about. I am planning on posting pictures of all the costumes I make!

I love the posters from the 1938 movie with Errol Flynn and Oliva de Havilland. The bright use of color is something I definitely want to do. We work on a very small stage so I think it's important to the most important characters really POP!

If I can find cheap velvet Marian will be wearing it. I will also be hunting for cheap, tulle, taffeta, lace, and anything with texture that can be layered, to use for the Fawning Ladies. 

I will probably make all the guys tunics. Ryan, my co-director, thinks all the Merry Men should wear tights. I couldn't agree more. Although the boys probably won't like wearing dresses and tights, it's cheap, and easy. I can add embellishments like cords, collars, and studs to make them look more "manly". 

I love the costume on the girl pictured above. She is playing the "Townsgirl", basically the narrator. I've come up with a fun idea for that character, but will be saving that secret for the show. Anyway, I love that she's wearing plaid. This is only the somewhat true story, so why can't they wear plaid? I always see plaid prints at the fabric store so it's definitely a possibility. 

Anyway, if you have any tips on how to mass produce clothes, or Robin Hood inspiration, let me know!



  1. Sounds exciting!
    I've seen lots of velvet dresses around thrift stores recently, so maybe that would be a cheap alternative to get a lot of fabric. Also, you'd have a dress base to work with which will save some time! Remaking found dresses/costumes woud be fun too.

  2. what an amazing opportunity! i'm sure you'll do a great job!

    i look forward to seeing the end results...also. blog the process!

  3. Glad you're finally back at the blog. Survey the cast to see if there's a mom/s who can help stitch those designs. Many hands.....