Sunday, November 20, 2011

So it wasn't exactly spur of the moment. But it might as well have been. As I've mentioned about a zillion times, I work at a high school. The students had a canned food drive and raised well over their goal weight of food. So the staff received an email from the teacher in charge of the group that said "We exceeded our goal! Dye your hair pink!" Or something along those lines.

I have a feeling that no one else is going to do this.. There is mention of using temporary spray color. But I will more than likely the be only person with pink hair in the school. Isn't that exciting! I love it. I think one of my favorite feelings in the world is seeing myself in the mirror the first couple times after I get a really great hair color. It's like "Hey! I forgot how awesome this looks! Wow! I look great!" Alright, I swear I'm not that self absorbed, but I really love it. 

There's my little back porch.. Can you see my spray paint on the cement? Oops. I painted my mailbox. I suppose it's worth mentioning that I wearing a thrifted dress, and necklace, leggings from Target, shoes from Payless, and a hat from.. Not really sure where it came from.. I have a lot things like that. Oh! and my dear friend Charity colored my hair :)


p.s. please ignore the color, well.. all over me... including my scalp. i'm still in my first 48 hours of pinkness, so no washing!

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