Friday, March 18, 2011

Golden Bambi

You know when you come across an item while thrifting (or shopping)  and you think "I need this!! Shit, it's way over my budget. Shit, I really need it."? Well those were my exact thoughts, and perhaps words, while I was out yesterday with Anna. I saw these two little fawns and fell in love. I wasn't thrilled at the price written on the bottom of these babies, but I went for it. Boy, I'm sure glad I did.

I was cleaning up a couple other items I've bought over the last few weeks when I thought I might try cleaning the fawns. I asked my Dad what kind of metal he thought they were, and he guessed bronze. He said I'd have to go out and buy bronze cleaner. Uh, no.. That's not fast enough. I need to clean them now! So he suggest I try the copper cleaner we used on our old copper bottom pans. The first picture is my test spot, I was thrilled that it worked so well!

Here they are looking a bit dull, and very tarnished.

Look at them now! They are so shinny you can see yourself in them. I can not wait to put them in my own home. But for now they've found a home in my parents living room.



  1. WOW! Those are the same fawns? They look amazing!

  2. your blog is so cute!
    if you want you will be my follower!:)