Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I spent some time outside, both watching Matt skateboard and taking a few outfit photos. The car in these pictures in the guitarist's in Matt's band, Jeremy's. I think it was his car when he was 16 or 17. I've take photos with it and of it several times. I love the color, and the headlights. 

Dress; Italian market, Button-up; Anna's Closet, Tights; Target, Boots; Target, Belt; Goodwill, Necklace; Anna's Closet

And here's a shot of my not-so-willing photographer. But at least his hair is sooo fluffy!

Just a quick update; I quit my job at Red Lobster on Monday. Yesterday I turned in an application to be a secretary at a high school in the city right next to mine. My mom used to work for the school district, called the principal, and BAM! I am now off to sign papers, and looking very professional while doing so. I start on Monday! I can't believe I got the job. I am so excited to work 7-3 Monday-Friday, have full benefits, and weekends off. I have been so ready for a more 'adult' job, that I might be able to do for a while. If this all goes as planned I am hoping to get my degree at the end of the year.. Perhaps in Administration? 


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