Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scratch That

Since I did not go thrifting today, there will be no Thrifting Thursday. I also have zip for money, so that would hinder the post as well. I did however get a call back today (first one of the 20 some applications I've put in) from Lutheran Services for a full time position working nights at a youth home. I am not 100% sure on what this job would entail but I think it sounds like a great learning experience. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have no clue who's reading this (besides my Mom - Hi Mom!), but if you don't already know, I LOVE to cook! Fall is a great time for yummy homemade foods. The weather is cooling down, finally, so I can move past cold salads, and sandwiches.

Here are a few recipes I plan to cook before my favorite season comes to an end... I hate snow.

If you get the chance try out some of these recipes! I will be sure to post pictures and let you know how they taste when I make them! I would also recommend finding yourself a Crock-Pot for more yummy fall foods. My sweet little Grammie just gave me hers and although I've only cooked one dish in it, it's my new favorite appliance.

Tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. I think Thursdays should still be -Thrifting Thursdays. Also, I LOVE sweet potatoes! You better be sharing with me. :)