Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 photos 1 day

After seeing Miss James' A Picture An Hour I really wanted to this, but I quickly realized my day is not that eventful. Winter in Iowa usually lacks fun things to do, especially when it throws you a blizzard. Then you realize that you don't have any craft supplies with you so it becomes even more uneventful. So I switched from a picture an hour, to 10 photos in 1 day. 

Good morning, welcome to my sea of afghans. Afghans are one of my favorite things to thrift. 
You pay more for 2 scans of yarn than an entire afghan! 

I was dying to have some of my Mom's taco dip, so I paired it with some eggs. 
Slightly strange, but delicious. 

Getting ready in my poorly lit bathroom.

Cleaning the basement/my living room.

Driving to Matt's and a shot of what hangs from my rearview mirror
Hanging out with Matthew.

Checking blogs -- See Elsie's Here

Lunch time! Tomato soup, grilled cheese, and Futurama; a few of our favorites!


Feeling brave and getting Subway during the snowpacalypse/snowmageddon. I had the new Caesar sub on flatbread, you must try it! Yum.

I'm sorry that wasn't very exciting. I have been working oodles and bunches the last couple days. Almost 10 hours yesterday. I have however saved up 1/12th of my 'Refill My Bank Account' Goal. When I graduated from high school my bank account had the most money I had ever seen, and now I have about 1/17th of that left. Pretty sad. So now that I am out of school I want to try and save up at least that much again. I work on Saturday and Sunday night before Valentines day and if I could get in another 1/12th of it 2 nights I'd be thrilled.

Well, I'm off to Nic's so she can, unfortunately, cover up my teal streaks. They aren't "work appropriate" and it just takes me far to long to hid them each day.

Enjoy your weekend.

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