Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Day

Who's surprised it took me this long to post what I did on Valentines day? Not me. It also won't surprise you that I didn't any pictures of myself, or with Matthew.

One of my co-workers, and friend, Charles, makes tons of yummy summertime food, including ribs. I ordered Matt and I a half-rack of ribs, made fresh steamed green beans, and homemade french fries. I also whipped up a batch of Martha Stewart's red velvet cupcakes. 

As far as Valentines day gifts go Matt gave me the beautiful white tulips pictured above, a bag of Swedish fish, and a gamer tag for Xbox.  I decided to go with -  meow tacoz - if you play any games on Xbox you should add me, or friend me, or whatever you do on Xbox. (( n00b ))

Today I am home sick in bed. I've watch a million episodes of Brothers and Sisters, drank a bunch of hot chocolate, and filled a whole grocery bag with Kleenex.. Ew.


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