Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Polaroids - Vol. 2

Turns out two pictures a day is a lot of pictures! So I just picked my favorites.

My new bonfire requirement is wine. I always felt like I had to drink beer but I enjoy wine much more. So when I turn 21 in.. ohh.. 6 days!!! I will be buying delicious wine for our bonfires this summer. Next up, my Easter basket. Pretty freakin' awesome! My Mom rules. My new adorable swimsuit from Goodwill, and my booty. Half-Moon manicure! Newton's cafe, LOOKS like the cutest diner ever. Unfortunately it was CLOSED when Matt and I tried to go for dinner. BUMMER. My first black pearl on Hexic!!!! My bouquet of flowers from Matt for Secretaries day, so sweet and beautiful. Church, which I've been trying to attend more. However this particular church might not be for me, so I've got my eye out for the perfect one. The best fingernail polish remover ever. The show on Friday, at the end there was pretty much no one there. My usual view; twitter, TV, a billion blankets. Lastly, one of my favorite places to enjoy the sun, at the skatepark watching Matt.

So there's my week! Did I mention my birthday is in less than a week? Holy crap! I'm excited. I have no clue what to wear though. My Mom's church is having a MASSIVE 'garage sale' this weekend. I might be getting to go the night before it opens, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe I will find my birthday dress there (( Talk about perfect birthday gift )).


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