Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basement Life

Well I've officially been a "I live in my parent's basement" adult for 6 months. I know I've mentioned it on the blog before, so I won't talk to much about it. I'm so appreciative that I have parents that will let me stay with them until the time is right for Matt and I to move in together. However, creatively, it's awful. I've also got this love affair with stuff, and well, when you live in one bedroom, you quickly run out of space for your beloved things. So I've a storage unit fill with tables and chairs and all the other nicknacks I had before I moved in. In my Dad's shop I have a aqua filing cabinet that I got from my friend Mike. A recently found 1970's velour floral print couch (Match made in heaven, we are). Various other furniture and trinkets, like the amazing 1960's Fisher Price toys my Mom bought me for my birthday, and my fawns. But the one (eight) things I'm most sad about having hidden away is my suitcase collection. They are all so beautiful, and can be very useful, but there just isn't room to have them displayed. It seems sort of silly, but I feel like my stuff is sad, like the toys from Toy Story, that I have to hid them all away. So for now I'll just have to keep showing you all my finds here, at least they can have a moment in the light (which is awful down here). 

Did I tell you about my doilies?! Oh well they are ridiculously expensive, like 3 dollars for a damn doily. Are you serious!? A couple weekends ago I discovered a whole box of doilies at a garage sale. The women sold me the whole box, for 5 DOLLARS! Someday in the very distant future you will see all these doilies put to use on one very special day.


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  1. is that an owl mail holder? LOVE it! i've decided to start an owl collection. my grandma will be so proud! found 6 during my trip. the flea markets/thrift stores in arkansas are amazing!

    i can't wait until you have your place. i know your going to turn into something crazy beautiful.