Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just Greenery and Humid Air

Did you know Iowa is hot? Like really hot. It is also really humid.. Like 90% humidity. So basically when you walk outside it feels like it's raining, raining sweat. And when there is a breeze, it's like an old man breathing in your face. So of course my camera, which has been enjoying the air conditioner, immediately becomes a fog machine.

I forget how awkward it is to take pictures of myself. I could hear the neighbor boys, I think they 13 and 15, playing on the other side of the treeline. I was hoping they wouldn't hear my grumbling about my foggy camera, or my dying battery in my remote. I could clearly use some practice hiding that little thing.

Romper; thrifted. Belt; thrifted. Shoes; Target.
Headband; DIYed by me. Lipstick; NYC Lip Stain in Smooch Proof


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