Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On The Regular

Alright, it seems that I have had a few requests to do daily posts. I originally was intending to do real posts, not just a travel blog. But then I changed my mind. But now I'm back to on the regular posts about all stuff; do, like, see, wear, listen, etc.

Today I want to introduce you to a band I have liked for the last year or so. Warpaint is an all female band from LA. Here are a few videos from YouTube.


Today was a super easy day. As I mentioned before there was a strike on base so we couldn't leave. Well turns out we could have, but I am so glad we didn't have too. We went to the CDC to help in 2 shifts. When Kristina and I got there she immediately sent us home. We went back around 3, worked for about an hour, and got sent home again. It was great. I also bought new makeup from e.l.f. today. When it arrives at my house in America my Mom will (so kindly) be sending it my way. Once I get it I plan to do a little review. e.l.f. is ridiculously cheap, and you can ALWAYS find discount codes.

Rome post is next!

Also my address is..

Hannah Peterson
Camp Adventure-Carney Park
PSC 808 Box 9
FPO AE 09618

Just like that. No Naples, No Italy. Or it will forever be floating around in strange far away lands because our exact location is top secret.. or something.

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  1. Me too! It was sixty percent off the other day, so I bought almost sixty dollars work. OOPS.