Sunday, July 18, 2010


The train to Cinque Terra was full until Saturday afternoon so we decided to go to the Amalfi Coast. It's a bunch of super fancy villas and really nice beaches. First we went to Sorrento. Wasn't the greatest place in Italy. Of course it was visually appealing as most places are but it was just a bunch of tourist junk sales. It lacked that individualist quality that would have set it apart from other Italian cities. We got a bus that took us up and down and around some of the steepest cliffs I've ever seen. I had to close my eyes.

We arrived in Positano around one. It was so amazingly beautiful. The city is a world of steps. Instead of walking down the street you walk down hidden concrete staircases. The road slowly winds down and around the buildings, but the staircases take you straight to your destination. We walked over 2000 stairs on Saturday. My ankles haven't been this swollen in years. We took about 600 down to a small beach. We paid 7 Euro to rent chairs just off the water. It was unfortunately infested with small pinkish brown jellyfish but that didn't stop Kristina and I from getting in the water, you just had to be cautious. There was a small Italian boy running around catching them in a sand pale. It seemed so surreal to be on that beach. When you looked behind you it was just these massive cliffs with lines of villas that seem to be stacked right on top of each other. We drank lemon granita and hunted for beach glass.

After the 600 stairs back we got ready and went out back down 400 some stairs for dinner with our new pal Eliza from Melbourne. She was absolutely wonderful. We shared some gelato and headed back up the 400 stairs ( are you keeping track? ) to the hostel. The other girls I went with eventually went to bed but I stayed up chatting with Eliza. The desk guy brought out some limone cream shots for the guests on the veranda. Eliza and I joined everyone else at a table where I proceeded to meet some of the coolest people I've ever met. They were three students, also from Melbounre, who had been studying in Prato for the last 5 weeks. Dean, Katie, and Alex are all product design majors but Dean was there taking a human anatomy drawing class. We stayed up until sunrise chatting about everything. I am so thankful that my body gives me the strength to stay awake and enjoy every minute I can. I hope that I am experiencing everything I can while I am here. I feel like I have been doing my best. Only 5 weeks left, can't stop now.

We enjoyed the best breakfast I've had here. Breakfast isn't big in Italy and it's my favorite meal so it was quite the treat. Then we got back on the bus to return to Sorrento. Kristina and I decided to just grab some gelato and wait at the train stations for the other girls while they shopped. We got home early and have had a relaxing day.

Here is my shout out to Anna she is one of my best girlfriends (as Eliza would say) and I can't wait to be back in Iowa with her. Thrifting, giggling, high pitch, gossiping, blogging, and all our other favorite things will arrive with fall. And maybe even a trip to London!

Have a good week everyone!


  1. I can't wait for you to be back so we can do all those things! But I am glad you are having an amazing time in Italy. Keep going and experience as much as you can! London here we come!!!

  2. P.S. Can we be each others' Iva?