Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thigh High By the 4th of July

This past week was sort of a whirlwind. I found out early in the week that a friend of mine took his life. It was so sudden, and unexpected. I suppose it often is when someone resorts to options such those. This is my sound off to Jade Jones, he was a great kid to spend detention with when you were an unruly junior highschooler. I asked the kids to sign "Lean on Me" by Kirk Franklin. It was a really awesome to think that maybe for just a moment Jade was listening.

So after a week like that I was very pleased to have a 3 day weekend!

Saturday a group of us headed off to Mount Vesuvius. It came as a shock to me when I first arrived in Naples that the air polution is horrible. Most days it's so bad you can hardly see the volcano. Saturday was one of those days. But we decided it was still worth it. We took the train to Pompei and then hopped on a bus to head up the volcano. We thought it was a bus that only took you 1/2 the way. We were all in for hiking that day, but I guess that wasn't an option. The bus we got on took us to the almost top. You then pay more money to go up to look inside the crater. Although expensive it was worth it to say I've hiked Mount Vesuvius and seen the inside of a volcano. We headed back down in hopes of hiking one of the 9 trails surrounding the volcano. Following these trails leads you to various places, but what we most wanted to see was the path of the lava flow from the eruption of 1944. No such luck. All the trails were closed because to prepare for evacuation. In case you didn't know Mount Vesuvius is due to irrupt any day. Thank goodness I live on a U.S. Naval base right by the airport. Civilians first, soldiers later. Phew. So with all the trails closed we found ourselves 'hiking' down the road that leads up the volcano. Kristina and I decide that this is no good. We want to SEE the lava flow. So in traditional do-as-we-please adventurous spirit, we hopped the guard rail and headed down into the valley. Well it was the most amazing thing I could have done while on a volcanic mountain. We got to the bottem and howled like wolves. It was as if God had made us a perfect path down to where we could see everything and feel like total champions. It was the highlight of my weekend, until Monday at least. More on that later.

After we arrived back in Naples Kristina, one of my two new found friends from Oregon, and I headed out for a night on the town. One of the guys from our first meet random Navy guys experience, Chris, took us out. We went to a bunch of different places. I am so thankful that Kristina was also in the mood to enjoy some nightlife in Napoli. It was a night to remember! We first went to Il Pomodorino, The Little Tomato. I had the Ravioli Capresee. Paramsean filled raviolis, smothered in baby tomatoes and their delicious juice, with sprigs of basil. People who don't like tomatoes, like tomatoes in Italy. It was a meal fit for a queen! We plan to take a trip back there on Thursday night so Allie and Emily can have a taste as well. Then we headed over to a hookah bar. On the way there we got spongy pastries covered in a rum glaze, called a Rum Baba, and a sort of coffee frappe. After the hookah bar we head to a few other hoppin' spots in downtown Naples. The night didn't end until morning!

Sunday Camp Adventure day to work at the 4th of July celebration at Carney Park. I face painted for 6 hours. I think I face painted as many Italian adults as I did American kids. Quite the experience. After we watched the most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen. I am confident that is where all our tax dollars have been going. I saw fireworks I have never seen before. And they were the most massive fireworks I've ever seen. After the show I had a flash from the past and watched the band Bowling For Soup play. It was pretty hilarious. Overall it was a really great 4th of July celebration. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer but oh well.

On Monday Allie, Kristina, Emily and I headed off to the Isle of Capri. As soon as we got there we went on the search for a fellow named Antonio who was rumored to deliver great boat tours around the Isle that included jumping off his boat into the Green Grotto. Well Antonio was no where to be found. So we went with a brochure we were given at the port in Naples. Turns out it's not a tour, it's a rent-a-boat. So I, and all of previous boating experiences, captained the ship. Okay, it was no ship, but it was a little scary to drive 3 other girls around an Isle you've never even seen from afar. Sharing the water with MASSIVE yachts and crazy Italians that have been sailing there whole lives is also a bit intimidating. But I must say, I think I did just fine for a first time boat chauffeur. We anchored our boat and jumped into the Green Grotto. It wasn't as amazing as Jamaica but it was beautiful and just as salty. After returning our boat we took a tram up to the top of the Isle. It was a pretty nice view but for some reason I just wasn't that impressed with it. The other girls really enjoyed it however, so if you're planning a trip don't let my not so crazy excitement ruin it for you.

Well that was our fun and crazy weekend. It was nice to just relax a little. This weekend we are off to Venice. We will be joined by a few other people, Lindsay, Scott, and Amanda, which should be super fun. We also have to move on Friday. Allie, Emily, and I are off to Carney Park with Scott to stay at the cabins. It is going to be a blast. Allie and I volunteered to stay for 2 weeks. Next Friday Kristina will be taking Emily's spot. I am so excited to do tons of sweet outdoor stuff (bikes, horseshoes, rock climbing, swimming, hiking to the top of the crater) and grill out as much as possible. It's going to be a like an extended camping trip. So excited.

Tomorrow there is a strike at our base. A bunch of Italians are going to be laid off so they are going on strike. This means that no one can leave or enter the base. So we are headed over to the CDC (baby central) to clean toys and organize cupboards. Hopefully we will get sent home superduper early. I will then post my Rome entry. I have an hurt toe so I had to go to the doctor today which made me miss a lot of my blogging time. We also starting planning our trip, also taking some time. Tomorrow, I PROMISE!

Thigh High By the 4th of July

Thanks for reading the long post!
Feel free to send me a letter. The one I have received was so very nice (thank you jordan!). Also if you want to send a care package I'm really missing real thick fluffy toilet paper....

And when the time is right, freeze dried corn on the cob. I like peaches and cream the bestest!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July back in America, or wherever else you might be. Check back tomorrow for Rome!


  1. FINALLY! I was going through withdrawal. It sounds like your having an amazing time! I am looking forward to Rome pictures. Have a great time in Venice!

    Also, I have seen some of the pictures you have been tagged in on Facebook and I have came to the conclusion that you should take outfit pictures ;) You look so adorable! I can't wait to see you in that grey dress with the bow.

    I miss you a ton!! I think I am going to send you something. What color of chain do you prefer?

  2. Whats your address? I wanna send you a letter!