Friday, July 16, 2010


I have officially been written up 3 times in the last 2 days. I guess the Camp A way just doesn't suit me. I gave a kid a "time out" (( separated two kids because they were screaming bloody murder )). One kid's mom FREAKED out and called my POC. Then the next day we had a meeting. Scott and I missed the meeting. We were venturing up the crater, determined to get to the highest point, and we did. We watched the sun set and then watched all the lights in Pozzouli turn on. It was the most amazing sight ever. This morning we were 5 minutes late to morning care. I guess all those things are call for getting written up. Meh.

And does any of this matter? No. My campers absolutely love me. Today one camper from each age group got to cream one of their counselors in the face. We drew names of kids who did good all week out of a cup. Conor, a little Irish boy was chosen. He chose me to cream in the face. It was awesome. I have never seen a kid smile so much. Unfortunately he will not be returning to camp next week, but I think it was a great ending to his summer camp stay.

And now I'm off to Cinque Terra. Google it.

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