Sunday, April 10, 2011


First and foremost while uploading these photos Blogger informed me I've used all my 'free storage'. Sayy whattt!? Not cool. Guess I'll be hoppin' on Flickr train.

Now that I've got myself a full-time job, my schedule has been very different. I'm still getting used to it, so of course it's been causing me a bit of stress. I'm just ready for things to settle down, and be 'normal'. But until then I will just have to take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. I'm so appreciative of all the people in my life who bring me joy daily. 

Here are a few photos for your visual enjoyment.

Pretty new coverlet from Wal-Mart paired up with my vintage sheets. Only $7!

New earrings; thrifted, and from the giveaway I won. Along with a glimpse at my newly started thermos collection. 

A couple shots of my latest additions to my room.

Finally, my new hamper. I bought it at a garage sale, from a big JERK! I thought the sticker on it said $5, so I offered him $5 for the hamper and a broken Big Ben clock that was a $1. He gave me this funny look and said "Sure!". When I picked up the hamper I realized it was $3. Think that old man told me? Nope. JERK. I guess the lesson here is, wear your glasses.



  1. I love the hanging basket thing! Your posts always make me crave colorful things.

  2. Well don't I feel silly! I had no idea blogger had this sort of limit... I guess I should look into that!

    ps. I'm a huge fan of vintage sheets as well. I swear that they stay cooler at night than any other bedding.

  3. Your vintage sheets look so pretty with that blue coverlet! Love the garbage can too, despite the mean old man who sold it to you. ;)