Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Polaroids

Welcome to my new weekly feature! If you follow me on twitter you already know, I got a new phone! It's just the new Black Berry Curve but I love it! My goal is to take at least two pictures a day. Just to document my daily life. I didn't do too hot this week, but I'm workin' on it. Here are a few photos from this week as well a few from when I first got the phone. I decided to use these little Polaroid frames from Picnic. I also use the 1960's effect. 

The first two are photos from a couple weeks ago. My friend Audrey just got a job as a bartender at the Lava Lounge and Beer Hall. Two really cool place to hang out, and they happen to be connected to an amazing mexican restaurant, Rudy's. Next, a picture of Matt at band practice. My bonsai tree, and it's new friends on my desk. A typically ride in the back of Matt's car. My beautiful new thermos! Lastly, my storage unit. Yeah, I have a lot of stuff.. which I miss, A L O T.

Well I hope you enjoyed my new feature. I'll be back next week, with even more photos, promise!


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