Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holly Jolly Christmas

Here is a Christmas photo post. Enjoy! (( Click to make the pictures bigger! ))

Christmas celebration at my parents house. The pine outside my parents house covered with snow. My parents, Matt, and myself with our Christmas gifts. 

Christmas at my Uncle John's. Traditional poor Italian dinner; polenta with chitte cutte, and sautisa. 

(( you cut the polenta with a string. it's supposed to all come out of the pot but we got impatient and it stuck, oops. ))

The church where we went to Mass on Christmas Eve. It was so pretty inside, although the sermon was the same story as last year. Not exactly the best Christmas experience, but oh well.

After church we went the see the Italian Hall Disaster luminaries. 

On December 24th, 1913, area copper miners had been on strike for 5 months. The miners were fighting for better pay, shortened work days, safer working conditions, and union recognition. That day, during a yuletide party for the striking miners and their families someone yelling "Fire!" Although there was no fire, seventy-three persons died while attempting to escape down a stairwell that had doors that opened inward. (( Have you ever noticed exit doors always open out? This event was a contributing factor as to why it is now a requirement for building codes. )) Over half of those who died were children between the ages of sex and ten. The perpetrator of the tragedy was never identified. The strike ended in April 1914. All that is left now of the Italian Hall is the doorway to the 3 story building. 

On Christmas we went to my Grandma's retirement home for this super fancy, insanely delicious, dinner.

Again, just to prove how middle of the no where I am, the village of Mason has 3 phonebooths, and no cell phone service.

I still have Christmas with Matthew and his family. I am so excited! I gave Matt a PBR ad from the 1950's, but we still have a couple more gifts to exchange. I LOVE presents, and I am so anxious. We also still have a gingerbread house to decorate. I am headed back to Iowa tomorrow. We are going to watch Fubar.. I am either going to die from laughing, or be bored out of my mind and finish my scarf. 

I hope everyone enjoy their Christmas! 
Happy Birthday Jesus, I am so thankful we are finally getting to know each other.


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