Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RADVENT 2010 - 12/1: Remembering

Months and months ago I discovered Princess Lasertron on a bridal website. She makes beautiful bouquets (among other things) using felt, buttons, and tons of other pretty stuff. I instantly sent her a message telling her I hoped she continued to create beautiful pieces because the day I decide the colors for my wedding I am ordering all the pretty stuff she can make me. I later found out Meg and I (and now her sweet daughter, Alice) share the same birthday. It was meant to be!

Anyway, I've been following her on twitter for a while now and a couple days ago she asked if any follows would be interested in a blog writing challenge. As you know, I have been a less than frequent blogger, so I was certainly up for the challenge.

Here's the challenge;
So each day this December, to honor and respect the experiences from this year and re-examine my goals and hopes for the coming year, I am keeping a Radvent Journal! Every day I'll post a graphic and .pdf on, which starts with a theme word and journaling prompt, as well as things like inspirational quotes, photos, and a special project or two. I'll also share my own reflections and answers each day. 
This is the first challenge;
To be honest I had to actually search around my Facebook, and an old blog, to figure out what I was doing. Isn't it just too bad that I can't even remember 5 years ago?

What were you doing five years ago today? I wish I could say exactly what I was doing. It was a Thursday, so I can assume I went to school. 2005 was a .. confusing year for myself. Looking back I wish someone had just slapped me across the face and said "HEY! STOP IT!" At the same time though, if I had been a better person, my boyfriend then, would have been who my boyfriend is right now. The likelihood of Matt and I still being together from the time I was 15 until now seems slim. So in the end I am thankful I did not chose to date him then. However, I do wish I made a lot of different choices in regards to both him, and all of my relationships at the time.
As the holiday day season began? Thanksgiving was spent with my family. My Aunt and Uncle came from Michigan and my Aunt sang at a cigar bar. Then I went and saw Saw 2 (Oh my gosh, they're on what, 7 now?) with my then best friend Erin. I was anxiously counting down the days until I left for California to play in a bowl game with the marching band, as well as going to Disney Land, and Sea World with a bunch of my friends!
Where were you? Who were you with? What did you want? What did you have? I remember we left on Christmas day evening, in 3 charter buses headed all the way to California. I spent the day with my family, playing Scrabble and cheating by using the dictionary. According to my late Xanga for Christmas I got;
sunglasses, belly button ring, the lady sovereign cd, the like cd, chanel chance purfume, 3 new pairs of jeans, a new skirt & shirt, new undiez!, a new scarf;2 hats;3pairz of gloves, suitcases, glow sticks..haha, a sweet little vintage purse, candy, THE SOUND OF MUSIC DVD!!!!!!!, moneyy$$, sockz, shoes (pumaz!!).
Clearly I was a spoiled little only child. However I follow up the post by talking about how thankful I was. I don't think I actually had any concept of how lucky I was. I still am one of the luckiest people ever. But it has only been in this last year that I am really starting to appreciate it. This might not have fully answered the question, but it's as close as I can get because I honestly just don't remember.

Looking at these pictures it's just so silly to think I thought I was "fat". I mean I honestly thought I was the chunkiest kid ever. I really had some serious self-esteem issues. The last pictures is Willa and I. I thought we'd be friends forever. I will never forget Willz. She was, and I'm sure still is, one of the sweetest people in the world. She went all over South America, and now goes to school out of state. Perhaps I will see her over the holiday as one of her best friends (I think they're still friends) is my neighbor and will be home. That would be such a holiday treat. 

Thinking back to this time it's amazing how much I've changed, and how many things have changed, in the last 5 years. As I said before, I made my fair share of mistakes during this time in my life, but if I hadn't I might not be here today. I am so thankful for my sweet family, my wonderful boyfriend, and great friends. Especially during the holiday season, which is my favorite time of year. I move home in just a couple weeks and I can't wait to be closer to all these people.

Feel free to join in on RADVENT at anytime. Just hop on over to and get the theme/ .pfd for the day's challenge.


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