Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Isn't it just too badd..

That I have no money? Yes. I ate almost an entire block of cheese today because I have no other food. And now I don't even have a block of cheese. I am trying to eat all my food before I move so I just bring home sugar, flour, stuff like that. It's kind of gross though. How unhealthy can I get?

Nic and I are going all Jane Fonda on our asses when I get home next week. She's been cooking more at home and I plan to do the same. We are going to try and get some free gym action for a while. I have a sort of evil genius plan. I will let you know how it goes for us. I am pretty happy with my body, curves are my thing, and working out is not. However, I am so ready to tone up; read.. be able to open a jar of pickles, bottle of coke with my left hand, etc.

In other news, my babe got a job today! He's going to be a pizza delivery boy. I saw a movie when I was little in which the girlfriend of the pizza boy rode around with him while he worked. They listened to tapes, and she hung her feet out the window. I wonder if that's possible. It would even be a tape because that's how we listen to our ipods. I can dream...

It's "dead week," It's not dead at all. I had a math test, and written speech final yesterday, and a speech and a final on friday. However, I only have one final next week, and one test. Only one cumulative final! Thank goodness. I think I am going to do okay this semester. I wanted to do really well to prove to myself I could do well in school. Unfortunately the lack of a challenge made me do pretty average. It's very strange to think this COULD (Mom stop jumping to conclusions) be my last finals week ever. I could find a magical job that I love that does not require me to get my education via a typical institution. BUT more than likely I'm going to be getting my 2 year degree in August.

I am hosting a clothing swap next week. It's my first one and I really hope it's a great success. Just a small group of girls, baked goods, and some good tunes. I have dreams of hosting a much larger one in my community. Iowa City and Des Moines have them all the time, why not Cedar Falls? Have you ever been to a clothes swap? Do you have any tips for me, or the girls coming?

EDIT:// I also can't believe in just a few short months I will be seeing both of these beautiful ladies! I love you Shanalee and Brittany!



  1. hannah, this blog is so inspiring. it's all lovely and pretty and magical. i adore your style, your free spirit and creativity:).
    i don't know why i'm telling you this now, but i don't think i say it enough.

  2. you are such a cute girl! adorable description of the things in your life, very funny and totally been there, done that. I so want to be that pizza delivery guy's girlfriend too btw. Don't worry, won't steal yours :D