Thursday, December 23, 2010

The San Francisco Room

I'm not sure if any of you have relatives that live far far away.. but sometimes instead of being excited to see my family, I just dread being far far away. To top it off it's not as though my family lives someplace fun, like Chicago, or someplace warm, like Miami. Oh no, they live in the 3rd snowiest city in America, where I am confident the at least %50 of the population is over 50. It's a place with nothing to do, but snowy things, and I HATE snow. So sometimes, even though I really want to see my family, all I can think about is snow, and nothing to do. However, this year I am trying REALLY hard to not be a selfish brat, and actually enjoy myself and my family. 

This morning when my Mom and I left for our second thrifting trip I saw a penny in the snow. I said to my Mom, "See a penny, pick it up! If it's heads-up you'll have good luck!" And sure enough it was heads up, and did I ever get some serious luck.

We went to Saint Vincent DePaul for the second time since we've been here. I found a good armload of things and headed up to cash register. The clerk asked me "Did you get this from downstairs?" I didn't even know there was a downstairs. She informed me that if I went all the way to the back there was a room they called The San Francisco Room that had tons of vintage in it. I pretty much ran downstairs. They didn't even have the lights on in the room. I could have spent the rest of the day in that room. But my little Grammie was getting worn out, so I had to hurry. Either way I made a killing, and I can't wait to return this summer.

 (( Photos from the San Francisco Room ))

Did I mention I spent about $35 on all these dresses, as well as a suitcase, thermos, and vintage fashion magazine? 

I'm not feeling too bloggy lately, I wish I were. I just don't feel like what I have to say is all that interesting. I will try to blog more often, maybe as my one and only New Years goal?

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. TAKE ME TO THIS PLACE!! Also, who cares if you don't have anything "interesting" to say. Say what you want, it's your blog or don't say anything at all. :) Which might defeat the purpose of blogging but that doesn't stop me! I rather save my energy writing about sociological things than my actual life.

    I love your finds! I can't believe you only paid $35 for all that. I've been finding great dresses at Salvation Army. I'm glad you posted these dress so I know what your into lately. There's these two dresses at Goodwill I found yesterday ( but didn't buy) that I know you will ADORE.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!! I hope I will see you when I'm in town a week from now.