Friday, June 18, 2010


I am finding it's much easier to make albums of photos using Picasa so just click the photo to see the whole album.

Interesting Italy facts; every night there are fireworks going on off someplace in the city. You can almost always hear them, and last night we could see them. I found out that it could be several things, either a celebration of a Saint from one of the churches. Or pertaining to the mafia, either massive fun fire, or where a drug deal could take place. I love the mafia.

Yesterday (Friday) myself, Emily, Allie, and Kristina, all moved to Capodichino, which is the main military base in Naples. All of the Day Camp staff will be rotating between here, the hotel, and the park that we work at. We are the first group to stay here and it is AMAZING. Our rooms are HUGE. We have the either space to ourselves, including; kitchen, living room, bathroom (with tub!), queen size bed, and massive closet! It's really super nice. Also we live right about the Liberty Center, which is where you can play pool, watch movies on a projector, play xbox, eat candy, among other things. It's really awesome that we've been granted access to it, as well as all the other things offered. There is a full gym, movie theater, huge minimart,and a library.

More when we return from Pompeii

P.S. Most of the photos posted are from downtown Naples.

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  1. Really? That's as good as it gets! So disappointed! Your pictures are amazing! Such a beautiful place!