Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why can I no longer make fancy layouts like I could in 8th grade? I am pretty sure my brain capabilities have increased significantly, yet this is proving impossible. I used to be able to go straight to "View Page Source", look at any layout I liked, and recreate it on my own page. Blogspot uses the same html as Myspace so why is this so difficult?! AH! I am truly frustrated. I also am horrible with Photoshop which is how I'd make a header, layout boxes, etc. It's beginning to look like I am just going to have to download a template off the internet and forget about tweaking it. Disappointed.

2 more days in Iowa.
2 more days with my family and friends.
2 more days with my 1st car - being sold.
2 more days with my cat of 13 years - getting put to sleep :[ :[

I still am so very excited, but today is gloomy outside and it is clearly affecting my attitude. Things are going to be so different in my life when I return to Iowa. No more Iowa State, no more Bee the Infamous Devil Cat, no more Cavalier.. I guess there are far more positive things to look forward too. I will be getting much better grades and stressing a lot less, have a nicer (and newer) car, 2 kittens living with me, a WONDERFUL roommate in a perfect house, and various other things - hopefully a fun job! Alright, alright, tude has been turned around.

Until next time,

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