Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On My Way

Why does everything cost money? The only internet access costs 18 cents a minute. Sorry beloved blog readers but it is not worth publishing a post sky high when I have to spend 15 minutes signing up for my credit card to be charged 36 cents. Here I sit in the Munich airport typing this out on text edit to be posted later. My Mom and Dad drove me to Des Moines this morning around 9. It wasn't a tearful goodbye, but it wasn't fun. There were 8 of us on the plane to Chicago (all going to Naples). When we left Chicago for Munich however only 6 of us were on that flight. Most of us had to sit by ourselves. The flight was 8 hours long. I would recommend not riding a plane for that long. It's not that great. If I were made of money I'd have spend the extra $90 but for the leg room. Oh well. As for entertainment I bought 3 magazines and a book. From DSM to Chicago I watched The Office. From Chicago to Munich I watched Parks and Rec, The Wolfman, Nurse Jackie, and Valentines Day. Sorry this post is so scatter-brained. I am currently sitting in the Munich airport. We have a 5 hour layover. It's currently 12:28PM here, that's 5:28AM at home. I didn't hardly sleep on the plane, and I don't think I could sleep in this awkward chair either. Hmm.. What else to tell you about? All over this airport there are these little green signs with a man running. It seems to be pointing towards stairs but they are a few random ones as well. Any clue as to what these signs mean? There are also glass rooms (they look like the glass elevator in Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory), called smoking lounges/zones. If I didn't have a passionate hate for smelling like smoke I might sneak inside just to say I'd been in one. However I have no idea when my next shower will be so it's NOT worth it.

We had to wait for people to get boarding passes for our next flight so we just waited after we got through security for them. Thus far that has been the most fun thing I have done. There were several fashionable women and men coming through. It was fun to see what they were wearing. Miss Anna at Small Town Fashion would fit right in. Lots of black skinny jeans, long tunic tops, and wedges. Oh so Anna's entire wardrobe? Yes. Spot on girlfran, great work! Speaking of you Anna, THANK YOU so very much for the fashion message. My mom so kindly paid the extra fee so I could bring two suitcases. I am going to be lugging around almost 100lbs of luggage, but I am going to look great. One of the girls I am with told me that there is a place in Naples that makes custom shoes to your feet. I think I might just do this if they've got the perfect style for the right price. Speaking of Naples, it's the birthplace of pizza. Pizza is my favorite food. Sorry to everyone who has to look at me on a regular basis, I'm about to gain some serious weight. Haha.

Thank you so very much to everyone who sent me sweet messages via Facebook/Twitter/Texts. It was so nice to leave home knowing there are people that support me and will miss me while I am gone.

Okay back to my book.
More when I get settled in, in NAPLES! EEP!

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  1. Your welcome my dear! I don't think I could travel to Europe with only ONE suitcase. My shoes would need to have a suitcase of their own. So, what kind of clothes did you bring? I would have been snapping away at everyone at that airport.

    Also, 18 cents a minute for internet??? That's so different. Kind of makes you appreciate the smalls things.