Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I must must must make this quick!

I got moved to the 9 year old group. They are far more well behaved than the 10 year olds. They do have there share of trouble makers but they enjoy the songs more. I also bought my Eurail pass today. I have so happy to not have to worry about that anymore. Tomorrow is field trip day! We are going to the bowling alley at support site.

Rome this weekend with Allie, Emily, and Kristina. So So So So So So EXCITED! We are staying at a hostel called "Funny Palace". It looks pretty nice and it's close to a few of the sites we want to see

Click the lemons to see Pompei photos. I haven't labeled them yet, I will tomorrow, promise!



  1. I too am happy you have your Eurail pass! You go Girl! I can't wait to see the pictures of Rome!! Loved the Pompeii pics, can't wait for the narration. Love you!

  2. Your Pompeii pictures are amazing! The stone was in a praying position...are those real people that were preserved from the volcano exploding???