Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Have Arrived

Here I am, sitting on my bed in Naples. I am going to try and give you a semi short rundown because if I told you everything you'd be sitting and reading for hours.

I had a window seat from Munich to Naples which was wonderful. Both places were beautiful from the air. We got to Naples around 6PM (( Naples time, that's 11AM Iowa time )) Our PD (project direction) Jessica picked us up. She excitedly yelled "HI! WELCOME TO NAPLES! IT'S SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU HERE!" and then she hugged us.. our hands were too full to hug her. It was a wonderful welcome and nice to see a Camp face and not a random military person. Along with her was Staci. She is the youth director here in Naples. She's worked with Camp A as a counselor and then worked on a traveling Navel ship for 7 years. Basically she knows all the military ins and outs, and will be at the Carney with us every week to help out. Which will be great. Oh hey, did I mention we have over 150 kids? Holy Crap. There are 18 counselors. This is going to be CRAZAY.

After we got picked up we headed over to Hotel PremiƩre. I am sharing a room with my friend Emily, who I meant at refresher training. She is going to be a sophomore this fall at UNI. Our friend Allie is right next to us, who is also from UNI. The first night (and probably the first week) I felt a little grouchy. I am just worn out from being awake for 31 hours. So I apologize if the rest of this entry is a bit on the negative side. Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED to be here, it's just a little different than I expected.

Last night my internet wouldn't work. I am not sure what it is, but I'm hoping one of you is an internet buff and can fix it from 3000 miles away. If you know anything about Mac's and WiFi please please please email me or leave me a comment so I can tell you deetz. Thanks!
I am now using an ethernet cord, so that works, but I'd love to just have WiFi so Emily and I don't have to share.

Today we had training over at the Support Site, which is where most of the kids live. Only families live at the support site, which is where the school is located. We will be helping with aftercare for the campers that live on the site. You work aftercare 4 - 6 when you live at Hotel PremiƩre. We toured the site, heard from several permanent staff members, ate lunch, went grocery shopping, and got cellphones. I have free incoming calls and texts, my number is 348-388-7266. Remember I am 7 hours ahead! I don't know if I can text back, but as soon as I figure that out I will let you know.

Some other bummer news, for those of you that know camp stuff, we don't have nicknames here in Naples. Seriously, bummer. Also because of the next item of business, we only take field trips to the bowling alley or movie theater on support site.

The biggest surprise thus far is how friggin dirty, gross, and GHETTO Naples is. Seriously. When I went to New York I was disgusted, and this is just about the same, only with stucco roofs. I guess the garbage removal is run by the mafia, and they suck at it. They collect money for the removal and then basically do with the trash as they please (leaving it all over the road) because then they can make money. I have seen more prostitutes than actual Napoleons (I guess they are Napoleons too.. ). There is unfinished construction all over. It's just not that beautiful. It's so strange to see Mount Vesuvius looming on the horizon and then a hill of trash on the side of the road. According to PC Audrey Naples is the worst so it can only get better as we travel.

This weekend all of the counselors are going to Pompeii. It's going to be a blast!

I miss everyone and I will post pictures later tonight (today for you).

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