Monday, June 21, 2010

What A Day

Well, this was it, the very first day. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still pure chaos. It rained, and we had been told it never rains here. So last night we were supposed to have a meeting over Skype with all the day camp staff, well that didn't work. Then programming (the schedule) was being changed due to rain. There were all these ideas flying around about what was going to happen. So then it was decided that we would just get schedules late that night and read them in the morning so we would know what was going on. That never happened.

My group is pretty crazy. I know they know how to behave, but they were so cooped up today that they didn't listen at all. Although we were outside we were stuck under a tent most of the day because it was POURING. They aren't too into singing and dancing, which is about all we could do. The boys (majority) are more of the run around type, of course. When we started clubs it was sunny, thank goodness! I was at arts & crafts club with my favorite little girl. So was copying all my drawings and had me sign her name. I drew a bow next to my name she wanted one just like it, so cute! We put on a skit at the end of the day that was pretty successful, so I was proud of them for that.

Being here in Italy I've really been realizing how lucky I am. I've got so much back at home that I take for granted. Now I'm so far away from it, it just makes me see I worry too much. I hope while I am here working with these kids I can just walk away with a lighter spirit. I'm going home to a lot of changes and I want to just enjoy every aspect in my life.

I'd also like to say I am so very proud of my Mom. She's been saying that to me a lot lately, but I think she ought to hear it too. She just retired after being a teacher for 30 years! Way to go Mom! You kicked butt at being a teacher and you will kick butt for the next 30 years being a retiree. I can't wait to see you in Ames more often. Good luck on your retiring ventures, like redecorating, knitting, and taking over lawn duties.. I don't know about you but I think those things sound way better than school. I LOVE YOU! Can't wait to see you in 2 short months!

Here are a few extra photos from this weekend. I will post Pompei next!

Yes, that is Audrey Kitching on a shirt covered in sequins. I guess Myspace is still big in Napoli.



  1. Thanks Sweet! I appreciate the comments more than you know and miss you soooooo much!! You keep those kids singin' and dancin' They'll love you! Talk to you soon. Mom

  2. I have no idea who Audrey Kitching is. I am googling her. Who ever she is...I want that tank for some reason. ;)